Prayers From Philippians

created by Dave Pikel

  1. Thanks for the grace & peace You give. 1:2
  2. Thank You for the people in my local church, and the church around the world. 1:3
  3. Help me appreciate ministry partners. 1:5
  4. Thanks Lord for not giving up on me. 1:6
  5. Help me long for people like Paul did. 1:8
  6. May I avoid settling for 2nd best. 1:10
  7. Open my eyes to see that my troubles can be used to encourage other believers. 1:14
  8. Protect me from living for myself. 1:21
  9. May my life be lived so others’ joy in Christ Jesus will overflow. 1:26
  10. When I suffer for Your sake, remind me of others who did and still do. 1:29,30
  11. Increase the value of other people in me, so I may treat them better than myself. 2:3
  12. Help me to not ignore my own interests, yet also to look after other’s interests. 2:4
  13. May my life resemble Jesus’ servanthood in my actions, AND in my attitude. 2:5,7
  14. When I’m tempted to disobey, remind me of the price Jesus paid to set me free. 2:8
  15. Remind me that Your work in me is for Your good purpose. 2:13
  16. Cleanse me when I choose to complain. 2:14
  17. As night stars are visible, remind me that I am watched as I live out Your word. 2:15,16
  18. May nothing be more highly valued then knowing You, Christ Jesus my Lord. 3:7,8
  19. I want to know You Christ, in Your resurrection power, AND in sharing Your sufferings. 3:10
  20. Strengthen me to press on to win the prize for which You have called me heavenward. 3:14
  21. Grant me discernment to know when to speak up, and when to be silent. 3:15,16
  22. May I live so that when others follow my example, they would be like You. 3:17; 4:9
  23. When days in this life are gloomy, remind me of my true citizenship — in heaven! 3:20
  24. May I rejoice in You Lord — always. 4:4
  25. May my life radiate a gentle spirit. 4:5
  26. Remind me that when I totally pour out my requests to You, You calm my heart and protect my heart and protect me from becoming anxious. 4:6,7
  27. Keep my thoughts on what is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, & admirable — always. 4:8
  28. Help me be content with … whatever. 4:12
  29. I can do all thru Your strength in me. 4:13
  30. Is there someone going through trouble today that You’d like me to help? 4:14
  31. Thanks God, for meeting all of my needs. Help me separate needs from wants. 4:19

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