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About Dave

Dave comes alongside and offers encouragement to ministry leaders, strengthens Great Commission and Great Commandment ministries within the local church, and seeks to help people see the Bible as alive and personally relevant.

Dave accomplishes these purposes through:

  1. C.O.M.E. (Coming Alongside & Offering Ministry Encouragement) to ministry leaders.
  2. To have God and His Word (the Bible) Come To Life in people’s lives.
  3. Pastoral Care.
  • Coaching
  • Encouragement
  • Ministry_Networking
  • Partnering
  • Pastoral_Care2


1979 – Triton Jr. College – Associates Degree in Data Processing 1985 – Moody Bible Institute – Bachelors of Arts in Christian Education (Youth Emphasis)

Ministry Experience:

1980 – 1983 – served as local church Youth Leader/Director 1983 – 1990, ’93-’94 – served in various churches as Youth Pastor 1990 – 1992, ’95-’03 – served as Regional Youth Minister – coaching, training, speaking… 2004 – present – Executive Director of Come To Life Ministries

Meditate Memorize


Joshua 1:8 and Psalm 1:2 says to ‘meditate’ on God’s Word (the Bible). Bible M&M’s will give you a tool to reflect on a verse with several translations to compare (from When I think of ‘meditate’, I think of reflecting on, pondering, considering how I can live that or put it into practice, etc. I found this helpful to print out and put up on a wall to see throughout the week. Sometimes I’d circle certain words that help me think about the Lord and His Word throughout the day – how I can love Him more, to experience the joy and peace He provides, etc. The various translations help expand our knowledge and application of the text.

Final Thoughts:

You’ll notice that in many cases, verses will be used from the same chapter and book. It will help us meditate and memorize with the flow that the Bible provides. Each M&M can be used with a group – for instance I used verse set #1 not only for myself, but also with a college small group I lead. We reviewed what we knew each week (both for memory, and which words jumped out at us while meditating), then added a verse each week until we finished it! If there are other translations that you prefer that aren’t included with Bible M&M’s, go ahead and use them. Many translations are available via Bottom line – get to know the author (God – Father, Son, Holy Spirit) – John 17:3!


Psalm 119:11 talks about hiding God’s word in our hearts. Jesus is tempted by Satan in Matthew 4:1-11 and Luke 4:1-13. In each of the three temptations, Jesus responds with scripture. Thus, it’s wise to not just memorize God’s Word, but also to put it into practice. Bible M&M’s is a tool that could help you memorize Bible verses. Choose a translation and copy/paste the verses onto the same page on your own. Then you can carry them in your pocket to review anytime you choose.  Example verse set #1 (NLT)

M&M Files


Booklings are quotes from books that would benefit Christians (especially ministry leaders), as they serve the Lord.  As ducklings are small ducks, booklings are small portions of books. I have been active in ministry (volunteer and vocational) for over 30 years.  These are quotes I’ve found beneficial for my walk with Christ and the ministries I’m involved with.  I realize other ministry leaders would benefit from these quotes as well. There is no income from this.  They will be on the Come To Life Ministries website, and can be emailed to anyone who requests them. I hope that after people read the Bookling, they would choose to obtain the book and read it themselves.  I’d also encourage readers to check out other fine resources from these publishers that will enrich their walk with the Lord.  The publishers currently used with Booklings include:


Bookling Files

#2 - His Word in my Heart23.9 KiB318
#1 - A Journey to Victorious Praying227.8 KiB227

Coaching Corner

Catch a few words of wisdom from sports coaches who inspire their teams.

Dave compiles quotes that not only deal with sports but also deal with life issues as well.  Periodically through out the year, Dave compiles about 4 or 5 quotes.  Enjoy!

Coaching Capsule Files

Vol43-Jan-Mar'1247.5 KiB186
Vol42-Oct-Dec'1146.9 KiB163
Vol41-Apr-Sep1147.6 KiB151
Vol40-Jan-Mar1136.0 KiB177
Vol39-Oct-Dec1035.8 KiB237
Vol38-Jul-Sep1029.0 KiB204
Vol37-John Wooden Tribute38.5 KiB160
Vol36-Jan-Mar1029.5 KiB212
Vol35-NovDec0937.5 KiB206
Vol34-SepOct0937.6 KiB201
Vol33Aug0927.0 KiB151
Vol32JuneJuly0927.5 KiB113
Vol31AprMay0928.0 KiB115
Vol30-Feb Mar0929.0 KiB170
Vol2928.0 KiB170
Vol28NovDec0827.5 KiB163
Vol2727.0 KiB179
Vol2627.5 KiB153
Vol2527.0 KiB121
Vol2426.0 KiB156
Vol2326.5 KiB187
Vol2228.0 KiB142
Vol2128.0 KiB106
Vol20SuperBowl26.5 KiB143
Vol1925.5 KiB93
Vol1827.5 KiB179
Vol1726.0 KiB137
Vol1627.0 KiB182
Vol1527.0 KiB140
Vol1426.5 KiB166
Vol1326.5 KiB146
Vol1225.0 KiB106
Vol1126.0 KiB169
Vol1027.0 KiB127
Vol09-Specl Super Bowl Ed30.0 KiB169
Vol0825.0 KiB120
Vol0726.0 KiB166
Vol0626.0 KiB156
Vol0527.5 KiB168
Vol0421.0 KiB124
Vol0321.0 KiB134
Vol0220.5 KiB170
Vol0121.5 KiB114


  • Choose an appropriate Bible translation you’re already familiar with, but it does not have to be the same one each time.
  • Start slow and have fun with it! Don’t be too hard on yourself!
  • Encourage your family & friends to join you! Review with someone weekly or monthly…

As you review, be ready for prompts from the Holy Spirit (a word, thought, phrase, or verse He’d like you to remember, meditate on/think about). Thank the Lord for that prompt! That’s one way that God and the Bible comes to life! Tell someone about it & pray together!

SMMC Files

SMMC 1154.1 KiB2



Think of Bible verses you already know (one verse, or two together) (choose an appropriate Bible translation)

STEP 1 Pick one verse that you wrote down – circle it.

STEP 2 Think about it (review/repeat) off & on thru the day for AT LEAST a week to a month or longer (as God leads). Sometimes repeat it slowly, for maximum meaning & benefit! This is a way we ‘meditate’ on God’s word “day & night“.

STEP 3 Look at verses before & after the one you’re reviewing. Keep context in mind (chapter, book, author, etc.). Check other translations for word differences. Read commentaries.

As you review, be ready for prompts from the Holy Spirit about a keyword or phrase in the verse. You may be reminded about other verses, hymns, spiritual songs, etc. with a similar theme! Review them too, and thank the Lord for His prompt(s)! That’s one way the Bible comes to life! Tell someone about it and pray together! Develop a disciple-making friendship with the person(s)!

STEP 4 Then the next week, month, (whenever God leads you), choose another verse you already know and do STEP 2 & 3.

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